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Police Release VIDEO Of NFL Star’s Arrest: ‘Suck My D*, N*gga…’

Imagine if a white celebrity or cop were to use this kind of language?

Cincinnati Bengals star Adam “Pacman” Jones was arrested for allegedly trying to eye gouge a security guard. His arrest did not go well, and police have released a video of the eye-opening event.

Watch the video of Pacman’s obnoxious behavior below:

video caption: TMZ Sports has obtained the Pacman Jones arrest video from his hotel incident on Jan. 3rd — in which he GOES OFF on the arresting cops … telling the to “suck my d***” and “I hope you die tomorrow.”

Imagine the outcry if a white football player or celebrity had said these kinds of things to a police officer. The NFL is known for being politically correct, and rarely do they discipline their players. What do you think the League will do to Pacman Jones?

The kind of behavior is unacceptable, regardless of who does it. Hopefully, the League, the coaches, and the law will do the right thing. Perhaps, Jones will receive pressure from his peers to apoligize and change his ways.

Are you holding your breath?

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