Popular Children’s Chew Toy Found To Have Something DANGEROUS Lurking On The Inside [PHOTOS] – 3%

Popular Children’s Chew Toy Found To Have Something DANGEROUS Lurking On The Inside [PHOTOS]

A mother decided to cut open one of her child’s teething toys and what she found inside was disgusting. Now, she wants to warn all parents about a danger to children they might never even suspect!

According to Good Housekeeping, pediatric dentist Dana Chianese discovered mold inside her son’s Sophie La Girafe toy after she smelled a musty odor coming out of the toy’s air hole during a regular cleaning about a month ago.


Chianese stated that she follows the toys’ cleaning instructions to a T, but that doesn’t make her feel any better about the situation.

 “It still hurts my heart to know that for months I allowed my babies to chew on moldy toys. I no longer buy any chew toys with a hole or recommend any to my patients,” she said.Since her discovery, Chianese has learned she wasn’t the only one with the problem. Other parents had been posting photos online of their moldy Sophie La Girafe toys, too.


It’s not all bad news, though.

 According to Dr. Lyuba Konopasek, an assistant professor of pediatrics at New York Presbyterian/Weil Cornell Medical Center who spoke with Care.com, children are usually not harmed by exposure to mold in toys unless they have an immune disorder.And Carolyn Forte, director of the Good Housekeeping Institute’s Cleaning Lab, told Good Housekeeping said it’s up to parents to keep mold from growing on children’s playthings.

“The only way to prevent mold inside plastic toys is to make sure they are cleaned and thoroughly dried,” she said.

She recommends cleaning the toy at least once a week and reminds parents never to let a teething toy sit in water or to leave water trapped in it.

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