Scarlett Johansson Is FUMING After Her Microphone Is Cut During Women’s March Speech [WATCH] – 3%

Scarlett Johansson Is FUMING After Her Microphone Is Cut During Women’s March Speech [WATCH]

She made a big mistake in mentioning Trump’s family!

Something tells me that liberal celebrities are just getting started in demonizing Trump. The shock of Hillary Clinton’s loss during the Presidential Election of 2016 hit home for them yesterday during President Trump’s Inauguration.

These are liberal women we are talking about though, and facts do not seem to matter for them. One famous liberal, Scarlett Johansson, came to face a rather brutal fact during her impassioned speech, however.

Scarlett was on a roll, describing how President Trump’s appointments could end up harming women, robbing them of choices about their own bodies, blah blah blah. She made a mistake, however, when she mentioned Ivanka Trump.

En.Mogaznews reports:

The Hollywood actress was at the height of her speech asking listeners to support clinics such as Planned Parenthood when music started playing and her mic was turned off on Saturday.

She was visibly annoyed that her impassioned plea was cut off after she requested Trump to offer her daughter the same ‘privileges’ that were available to Ivanka Trump while she was growing up.

Seven minutes into her speech, the music started playing and Scarlett was done. She laughed a bit, turned to smile towards the music, then faced the crowd again before realizing that her microphone was muted.  One of her friends was seen saying, “What just happened?”

Watch the awesome moment, below:

(Scroll to about the 8 minute mark to miss her annoying speech and see the mic get cut)

Lesson learned, perhaps? Messing with Ivanka Trump does not pay, right Scarlett? I’d like to think that these celebrities would back off a bit and learn their lesson, but at this point, I know better.


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