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Shia LaBeouf EXPLODES On Pro-Trump Counter-Protester [VIDEO]

Actor Shia LaBeouf, along with pal Jaden Smith, son of Hollywood bigshots Will and Jada Smith, decided to spend the next four years of Trump’s presidency protesting Trump with a live-streaming webcam set up outside of Manhattan’s Museum of the Moving Image.

Apparently, the protest encourages people to stand in front of the camera and chant “He will not divide us!” over and over until it’s time to return to their dorm room drum circles.

However, it seems once again that these calls of unity, tolerance, and come-togetherness are not only lost on the mindless liberal followers but on the founder of the protest himself. In the clip below, LaBeouf ditches the peaceful protest tactics and does everything he can to start a fist fight with a man who also wants to share an opinion on the webcam:

n the video, a counter protestor says, “We must secure the existence of white people,” to which the Transformers star aggressively screams back “He will not divide us!” while pushing his head and grizzled beard into the man’s face.

A longer clip below shows the actor also chasing off a man holding a random sign before getting into it with the counter-protester:

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