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Six College Girls Post A Picture To TINDER With A ‘Demanding’ Proposition For ONE SINGLE MAN

Take a close look at their clothing…

These six, young, mysterious college girls are gaining attention from the unusual “group” Tinder profile. Take a look:

The text that accompanies their profile picture is interesting, to say the least.

“That’s right, there’s six of us. Six beautiful women seeking a single man whose willing to support us. Inquire about our specialties which include: conversationalist, stand up, taxes, computer science…. I could go on. Swipe right only if you are interested in ALL SIX of us.”

 Is this a social experiment or are they trying to find a sugar daddy who is interested in “supporting” all six of them? Certainly, their profile suggests group sex though it is inferred and not overt.

A closer analysis of the photo reveals a bit more about the girls. They are all wearing black and white, certainly in an attempt to loo provocative. Their read hats ready, “Naughty,” which can only be interpreted in one way. One girl sports a shirt that says “Senior,” indicating her youth. Another girl sports no shirt at all.  It appears that the girls are drinking.

It is also interesting to note that the name “Chloe” appears on the profile with a listed age of 21. Is Chloe the name of one of the girls? At least they list an age that is above 18, so potential suitors will not have to worry about legal trouble.

I have to admit, if these girls were to appear on my Tinder account, I would be tempted to swipe right. I could use help with both taxes and computer science, so why not?

I would inquire of the girls as to what, exactly, they mean by “support.” If that means pay all of their bills, no thanks.

Perhaps they just want someone to spring for a group pizza party, with beer?

I am sure that their parents are proud.


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