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Teacher Who Confessed Daily Sex With 13-Year-Old Learns Her Fate [VIDEO]

She is so beautiful and the details get more bizarre as they are revealed.

Alexandria Vera, a middle-school teacher from Houston, admitted that she had near-daily sex with a 13-year-old student who she met when he was in the eighth grade. She became pregnant after meeting the boy in her summer school English class.

“We want our teachers to educate our children,” he said in court, according to KHOU. “To keep their hands off our children, to prepare them for the future.”

Vera’s therapist said that she was truly in love with the boy and that the boy looks to be much older than 13. Vera is said to not be “a traditional pedophile,” whatever that means.

When news of the illegal relationship became public, Vera briefly went on the run before turning herself in to authorities.

The boy originally contacted Vera on Instagram and they began having sex for the next nine months. Students reported flirtation in the classroom between the two, and, on one occasion, the boy grabbed her behind.

According to Vera, the boy’s parents knew about the relationship and approved, allowing their son to spend the night at her house. His family is said to also be supportive of keeping the baby. It is also being reported that Vera had an abortion after authorities contacted her. Vera’s 6-year-old daughter is said to have called the boy victim “dad.”

Vera had pornographic pictures of herself and the boy on her phone and allowed other students to have sex in her home. She is eligible for parole after five years and the boy is currently in foster care.

Watch the video report, below:


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