The THING That Wouldn’t Go Away – Hillary Clinton To Re-re-re-re-re-reinvent Herself – 3%
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The THING That Wouldn’t Go Away – Hillary Clinton To Re-re-re-re-re-reinvent Herself

I know a way Hillary won’t come back, and it includes Attorney General Jeff Sessions and FBI Director James Comey.

This woman has had more lives than a cat.  She should be in the middle of a trial for violating the Espionage Act, and now she wants a comeback.

As proud conservatives we’ve witnessed the impossible become reality, so it isn’t at all inconceivable that once again, a corrupt, incompetent, money-grubbing, pare shaped dumpling, with a grating and irritating voice, and with the charisma of week old moldy bread, could somehow reinvent herself again and again, isn’t at all impossible.

That’s the challenge if progressive pundits are to be believed, that Hillary Clinton is ready for yet another comeback, which reminds me of that famous line uttered by legendary actress Gloria Swanson playing the ageing actress “Norma Desmond attempting to recapture her youth and fame in the blockbuster 1950 film, “Sunset Boulevard” within her delusional state she announces to no one in particular,” All right Mr. DeMille, I’m ready for my close-up!”

Clinton it seems is thinking of launching her own TV show, in perhaps another attempt to recast herself as a personable and perhaps likable individual.

There’s no doubt Clinton is still suffering emotionally after her humiliating loss to political novice and now President Trump, right along with her legions of supporters who are still attempting to work through the grieving process, and for some that process may require perhaps the full 4-years of President Trump’s presidency.

Hillary who would be 73-years old, in 2020 if she decides to once again challenge the president, has also suffered some issues regarding her health and perhaps stamina, which was an issue during the 2016 campaign season, seldom being able to keep up with Trump’s ability to do a multitude of rallies with a day.

However Clinton is no stranger to TV, and has plenty of air-time and experience in front of a camera, and in fact might prove to be a good venue for her to showcase her, in a different none political setting.

Author ED Klein wrote in his blog Wednesday that Clinton is open to the idea of doing some type of show, stating: ‘It’s a way to make a comeback and position herself for another run at the White House starting in a year or so.”

The question then becomes do Democrats actually “bite the bullet” and once again throw their full support on  a”two time loser?”

No doubt “Norma Desmond” was ready for her close-up…but are they?

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