The Updated List Of The Worst MOST-HACKED Passwords – 3%

The Updated List Of The Worst MOST-HACKED Passwords

If you want hackers to see your data, use one of these passwords!

We hear it all the time, from multiple annoying sources and from, seemingly, all directions.

Apparently, a large number of people are less concerned about the security of their personal information. Recently, a company called SplashData compiled a list of the 25 most-hacked passwords. SplashData analyzed a massive listing of five million to determine their results.

The top two spots on the list have not changed in three years. “123456” is the most hacked, followed by “password.”  The top five also includes: “12345,” “12345678,” and “football.” Yes, people truly are careless enough to use those common, easy-to-guess passwords.

“Making minor modifications to an easily guessable password does not make it secure, and hackers will take advantage of these tendencies,” SplashData CEO Morgan Slain said in a statement.

This year’s list did reveal a decrease in sports-related passwords, however. “Football” did make the top five list, but it was the only one. New additions to the list included, “hottie,” “loveme,” and “flower.”

“Our hope is that by researching and putting out this list each year, people will realize how risky it is to use these common logins, and they will take steps to strengthen their passwords and use different passwords for different websites,” Slain said.

Perhaps the easiest way to create a password that is both secure and easy to remember is to create a sentence while substituting special characters. For example, if your girlfriend’s name is Jill, you could use, “!LoveJill+7.” Otherwise, hackers could find you to be an easy target!


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