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Thousands Gather In Philadelphia To Protest Donald Trump

President Donald Trump was in Philly today, as if evidenced by a large crowd of people protesting on the streets of Center City, Philadelphia.  The protest went as well as could be expected:  no violent anarchists smashing windows, damaging property and setting cars on fire.

(H/T: Fox 29 Local)

GOP lawmakers were met with protests when they arrived Wednesday night, but those protests are expected to continue for a second day Thursday.

While two demonstration permits have been pulled by the city, officials still expected as many as 10,000 protestors to make their way to Center City.

A growing Facebook page of about 3,000 members says they will be out in full force Thursday, protesting President Trump and several items on his agenda.

The anti-Trump group is angry about a number of policies the President is actively working to put in place, including measures to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act, and actions signed Wednesday working toward a Mexican border wall.

The Philadelphia Police Department is working with the FBI and Secret Service to make sure both the President of the United States and the protesters are safe.

Police expect the group hitting the streets Thursday to be a passionate bunch. As a result, police will use number of community policing tactics, like placing plain clothes civil affairs officers in with the crowds, and mobilizing several officers on bikes, for approachability and quick access in the event of an issue

Wednesday, Chief Inspector Joe Sullivan of the security unit said that Philadelphia Police will not be wearing riot gear for these events, saying that it sends a combative message.

Instead, police want the protesters to know that they’re allowing them to do what they need to do to let their voices be heard, as long as it does not compromise the safety and security of others.

In a worst case scenario, if arrests do happen, police want to pursue only low-level charges, but the goal is no arrests and no confrontation with the Philadelphia Police.

There will be traffic restrictions Thursday due to the President’s visit and the surrounding protests. For a full list of closures, click here.

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