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Husband Mauled To Death As Wife And Child Watch Helplessly [RAW VIDEO]

Graphic video of a man’s entry into a tiger’s habitat at a wildlife park has made world news headlines

I cannot imagine being in a situation like this one for a few seconds, much less for an hour. That’s how long one man spent in a tiger’s enclosure after venturing in, on his own accord.

Many graphic recordings of the attack have popped up online. In many of them, we see one tiger attacking the man while several others watch. Park staff spent more than thirty minutes using firecrackers and a water cannon in an attempt to scare away the tigers, though the attacking tiger was so enraged that he continue to maul the man and eventually drug him away from the crowd.

After the unsuccessful rescue attempt, the man was taken to a nearby hospital, where he was quickly pronounced dead. This is the second of such an attack to occur in China in the last six months.

The internet is abuzz after this latest attack.

There are a number of videos up on Youtube:

It is haunting to watch the attack unfold and listen to the cries from the crowd of onlookers. Hopefully, people will learn to be cautious and this will be the last attack of its kind at the zoo.

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