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Trump Comes Up Big For Small Business Owners [VIDEO]

Small business owners feel like a giant weight has been lifted off their backs. After eight long years we finally once again have a president who understands the difficulties that small business owners face on a daily basis, and don’t need the full weight of the federal government coming down on them for political gains.

Donald Trump has expressed his desire to make the federal bureaucracy business friendly so that small business owners can do their best to expand and compete in the global market. And, of course, when business expands, more jobs are created that can be filled by Americans who have been out of work for years now.

Small business owner after small business owner heaped praise on President Donald Trump after meeting with the new US leader in the White House on Monday of his second week in office.

The business owners men, women, minorities, shower Trump with praise after their meeting in the White House. The business owners told the media how impressed they were with Donald Trump meeting with them and listening to their concerns. At least six of the business owners took turns praising Trump after the meeting.

President Trump signed an executive order aimed at cutting regulations for small business during the meeting at the White House on Monday.



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