Trump Deports 90 Somalis and 2 Kenyans From the U.S. – This is Just the Beginning – 3%
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Trump Deports 90 Somalis and 2 Kenyans From the U.S. – This is Just the Beginning

This never would have happened under Hillary Clinton who wanted to increase the number of refugees coming into the country to grow her party’s voting base. Hillary and the rest of her party see illegal immigrants and refugees as Unregistered Democrats.

This should be no surprise to people as Donald Trump said for some time now that he will slow down refugees coming in, and he will deport people who don’t belong here.

A plane carrying 90 Somali nationals deported from the United States landed in Mogadishu airport this past week.


The plane landed around 5:20 PM.

Two Kenyans were also deported.

Kenyan officials say the number may be much higher.

The flight took place before President Trump’s signing of executive orders for a temporary ban on most refugees from several terrorist nations.
Xinhuanet reported:

More than 90 Somalis and Kenyans arrived in the Kenyan capital Nairobi on Wednesday after being deported from the United States, a Kenyan official said.

Government spokesman Eric Kiraithe said the deported included 90 Somali men and two Kenyan women, while adding he did not know why they had been deported.

A security officer at the airport said the Somalis were then flown to Mogadishu, the Somali capital, while the Kenyans were released.

Other officials termed the number higher as compared to past cases as they expressed fears the American authorities were toughening up on illegal immigrants there.

It came ahead of U.S. President Donald Trump’s expected signing of executive orders that include a temporary ban on most refugees and a suspension of visas for citizens of Syria and six other Middle Eastern and African countries.

Analysts say it remains unclear if Trump has scrapped plans to undo the 2012 Obama executive order shielding from deportation nearly 800,000 people brought into the country illegally as children.

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