Trump Haters Be Hatin’ Clowns Chanting ‘F##k Your Wall! We’ll Tear it Down!’ – 3%
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Trump Haters Be Hatin’ Clowns Chanting ‘F##k Your Wall! We’ll Tear it Down!’

Has anyone in the mainstream news wondered aloud how that many protesters got together at JFK Airport in such a short amount of time?   Are we really supposed to believe that this was an organic, grass-roots display of anger and hatred?  Or was it something else?  Where exactly was George Soros’ money while this was going on?

And how many people truly understand what President Trump did and why he did it?


Video posted to Twitter by ABC7NY reporter CeFaan Kim shows a sea of protesters at JFK with a message projected high above them in blue letters that read, “F*** YOUR WALL”. The protesters were chanting over and over, “F*** your wall! We’ll tear it down!”, in protest of Trump’s commitment to build a wall on the U.S.-Mexico border.

Kim also posted video of the protesters chanting, “No hate. No fear. Muslims are welcome here!” to protest the detention of several travelers from the newly banned Muslim countries.

Independent reporter Tim Pool posted to Twitter that he was threatened several times by protesters at JFK who demanded of him, “agree with us or leave.”

“So while I have been at the JFK protest I have been threatened with violence three times and told “agree with us or leave.”

“@migaldaco Who said I was filming? I wasn’t, I was minding my own business and had my hands in my pockets.”

Pool noted the difference in his treatment between Trump supporters and Trump protesters.

“Why is it that Trump supporters say “we don’t agree and that’s OK” and the Trump protesters say “I’m going to break your phone”

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