Trump INFURIATED Many When He Addressed Hillary At Inaugural Luncheon [VIDEO] – 3%

Trump INFURIATED Many When He Addressed Hillary At Inaugural Luncheon [VIDEO]

Did Trump make the right move in this case?

The Presidential Election of 2016 was arguably one of the most divisive in American history. Many would argue that both elections that involved Barack Obama were more divisive because he and the Democrats sought to divide the country along racial lines. It is a valid point.

It was a turning point in the debate and the election overall. Trump’s words echoed the sentiments of millions of Americans who were tired of being lied to by life-long, career politicians. The rest, as they say, is history.

So far, we have no indication that Trump is backing away from his stated intentions to have Hillary investigated and possibly prosecuted, though his move at the Inaugural Luncheon caught the attention of many.

Watch the video, below:

video caption: President Donald Trump gives a speech at Inaugural Committee Luncheon and shares his respect for Bill and Hillary Clinton. Trump asked the Republicans and Democrats present to recognize her, and those in the room rose and applauded.

Was Trump wrong to address the Clintons in this way or does his move demonstrate the class of a sitting President?

The truth is: Hillary supporters are not likely to enjoy the early days of Trump’s Presidency, although, if he succeeds in Making America Great Again, they will benefit from it.

Will Hillary go to jail? With multiple investigations under way in Congress and in the FBI, only time will tell.


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