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Trump Meets With Single Father From Ill. But That’s Not the End of the Story

Shane Bouvet is a single father from Illinois, who worked for the Trump campaign by delivering signs and later becoming the social media guy in Illinois.  He works for Fed-Ex and lives paycheck to paycheck.  After Trump won the election, Bouvet decided that he had to be there when Trump became Number 45.


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Bouvet is known by this meme:

Image result for thrown to the wolves comes back leader of the pack

Because of his work for the campaign, he received an invitation to the Inaugural Ball.  Bouvet had to borrow a suit and someone donated shoes for the struggling father.  Nothing was going to stop him.  Someone at the Washington Post heard about him and they decided he was a great human interest story.  Donald trump read the article and invited Bouvet to meet with him.

The two men shook hands and Trump declared: “This is the greatest guy,”

Bouvet was overwhelmed and stated that this was a big deal for him and that he never gets out anywhere.  While meeting with the soon to be president, Bouvet called his father and Donald Trump was gracious enough to speak with him.    Trump then signed some autographs for the young man’s son and just as Bouvet was about to walk away, something else happened.  Donald Trump handed the young man something and Bouvet could not believe it.  It was a personal check for $10,000.  That has to be a presidential first.

Bouvet said the following as he walked away:

“Did that just happen?”


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