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Trump Orders Grant Freezes On EPA, And Bans Social Media Updates

The Trump administration wants to be able to take a look at any new contracts in the Environmental Protection Agency to make sure things don’t happen that they don’t want to happen.   It’s impossible to know all the goings on in a leviathan such as the EPA. So they are freezing new contracts, hires and the updating of reporters via social media, so that they can first get a handle what’s going on before they resume business.

(H/T: Mediaite)

In a memo sent out to staff at the Environmental Protection Agency, the Trump Administration has prohibited press releases, social media postings, blog posts or new content placed on the agency’s website.

EPA memo

It is also being reported that the EPA has been instructed to freeze all grants, which includes programs surrounding research and air quality monitoring. Meanwhile,

This isn’t the first instance of a government agency being told to cease social media postings or communications in the new Donald Trump presidency. During Trump’s inauguration, the National Park Service retweeted two posts teasing Trump about his inauguration crowd size and hitting the administration for deleting references to climate change.

After undoing the retweets and following a short ban from posting, the account posted an apology for sending out the critical tweets.

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