Trump’s Former Adversary Flatly REJECTED A Supreme Court Job – 3%

Trump’s Former Adversary Flatly REJECTED A Supreme Court Job

It is the opportunity of a lifetime and he flatly turned it down!

The Supreme Court, and its current and upcoming vacancies, is considered by many to be the most prominent issue facing President-Elect Donald Trump. During the Election of 2016, voters knew that their choice for President would have the opportunity to shape American culture for decades to come with their Supreme Court picks.

Politico reports:

Ted Cruz met with Donald Trump exactly one week after Election Day. As it turned out, Cruz’s tete-a-tete with the president-elect he had spurned from the stage of the Republican National Convention just months before wasn’t the most consequential meeting he would have that day.

After his talk with Trump, the Texas senator and his chief of staff, David Polyansky, then sat down with his chief strategist, Stephen Bannon, who sounded him out about his interest in filling the Supreme Court vacancy created by the late Antonin Scalia. Cruz — widely considered one of the best Supreme Court litigators of his generation — swatted down the idea, according to four people to whom he has relayed the conversation.

It is incredible to learn that Cruz, though by many to be the preeminent legal scholar of the Republican Party, would turn down such an offer. Why would he do so?

Perhaps the quiet life of a Supreme Court Justice truly does not suit his character or his ambitions. Cruz had a large following during the Republican Primaries and likely enjoyed the excitement. Many believe that Cruz is young enough to run for President again.

Would you like to see Cruz on the Supreme Court? Would you like to see him as President?


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