Twitter User REVEALS Old Footage Of Conservative Tomi Lahren, EXPOSES Drastic Changes

This IS NOT the Tomi Lahren we have come to know and love!

She is called a “Conservative hot take queen.” She broadcasts on Facebook and millions tune in to listen to her bash liberals and snowflakes and other modern absurdities.

Many do not know that Tomi Lahren got her start at the University of Nevada Las Vegas. Turns out she had a pretty good time there and in many ways was not all that different from other raging college kids.

Fortunately, for us, Tomi addressed some of the changes that have occurred since her college days, and we will get to that later. First, lets see a few of the things that Twitter found:

What happened to Tomi’s view of “snowflakes?”

Here she is recently:

Hmmm. Here she is recently, again:




Wow, that is a harsh view!

Is Tomi a hypocrite or has she grown up and changed the way the most of us have?


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