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UPS Guy Is CAUGHT IN THE ACT By Hidden Camera

Now, the actions of this UPS driver have gone viral!

Cameras can be found everywhere these days. Smartphones are in the hands of almost everyone and homes and businesses make use of security cameras.

Ouch – that was brutal.

Sometimes, hidden cameras capture things that make us smile. Consider the experience of this family and their UPS driver:

What a hilarious, heart-warming video. Do you think he had any idea that he might be on film? Perhaps he was so happy that he did not care? It is great to see something positive come from a hidden camera video.

Unfortunately, there are less than positive examples out there, as well. Check out what happened to this guy:

How many packages are actually being stolen out there? More than you think. Huffpo reports:

Some 23 million people said they have had packages stolen from their homes before they could open them, according to a new survey from, a division of Bankrate Inc.

But the problem goes beyond theft to the mere inconvenience of waiting for a package to be redelivered. Of the more 6 billion packages shipped yearly, up to 40 percent miss their first delivery window, said Neel Murthy, co-founder of Swapbox, a locker-type system for alternative package delivery.

Source: They Never Imagined Their UPS Guy Would Do THIS On Camera by internetroi on Rumble

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