Watch The Devastating Effect of A Warthogs GAU-8 Cannon On Enemy Building [RAW VIDEO]

The power of the Warthog helicopters GAU-8 Avenger cannon is put on full display in the video shown below. Be sure to check out the guy’s reaction at the end of the video, it says it all.

What happens when U.S. troops in Afghanistan take fire from Taliban fighters, fortified inside a building? It’s pretty simple. Call in the Warthogs to bring on the BRRRRRT.

The BRRRRRT comes from the A-10’s GAU-8 Avenger cannon. The Avenger fires beer-bottle-sized 30 mm chunks of aluminum alloy at 3,342 feet per second.

More than one re-upload on the internet says the attack is from a Pakistani F-16, but the distinctive BRRRRRT from the GAU-8 is an unmistakeable sound.

So whatever this building is made of – concrete, cinderblocks, who knows – didn’t stand a chance. It’s no wonder everyone who calls in close air support and gets an A-10 gun run has the same reaction to the jaw-dropping power of the GAU.

Source: We Are The Mighty

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