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Why Dog Kisses Could End Up Killing You

People can get crazy in how they treat their pets.  Between dressing dogs in fancy outfits to carrying them around in a purse, to buying car palaces for our feline friends to live and play, we go nuts for our pets.  Sure, they become part of the family, so why shouldn’t they sleep in the same bed as you?  Member of the family or not we still have to remember that they are animals, and some things we do with them should just be off limits for health reasons.

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A bit like this. Credit: PA

If you’re like me, you try and cuddle puppies instead of making out with them, but there are people who enjoy doggy kisses. I’ve seen them and, personally, I disapprove.

The first thing is that dog probably licks sh#t, their arses and God knows what else before licking our faces, so it’s just not hygienic – if that doesn’t gross you out I don’t know what will.

IFLS points out that not only is it disgusting, but it could actually make you seriously ill, or even kill you.

RANK! Credit: PA

A British woman ended up in hospital twice – the second time with organ failure until they realised she had blood poisoning and the cause was what’s known as the “lick of death” from her greyhound. Blood tests show that she had a rare bacteria commonly found in cats’ and dogs’ mouths, but as she had no bites or scratches, it must have come from her dog’s saliva.

Bad lad!! Credit: PA

Ok, this was a rare and extreme case and it’s only ever happened 13 times in the UK, but still. Better safe than sorry.

Here’s some other things you shouldn’t do with your pets!

You shouldn’t give your cat milk to drink. I’ve always found this a weird one because where in the wild would a cat drink cow’s milk? But, in films, cats are always given milk. Every cat owner knows you need to give them water – milk actually is bad for them and gives them a sore tummy. Now you know.

Never give your dog chocolate or sugar-free peanut butter – they are allergic to both and it could kill them. And it’s not just these ingredients. Avocado (hipster dog owners are now f##ked), coconut oil, salty food like crisps, coffee, eggs, milk… the list goes on. It’s best just to stick to dog food.

And the last one – giving a hamster a small wheel to run around in is a big no-no. In the wild, hamster run miles every night, so they need a big wheel and a big cage to stretch their tiny hamster legs. Better yet – get them one of those balls to run around in.

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