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With So Much on His Plate President Trump Still Made Time For This [VIDEO]

You know, it’s been so long since this country had a president who actually loves America, this gesture seems to be exceptional.  But with everything scheduled for him on Thursday, he insisted on making one stop and boy what a stop it was.


The peaceful site of more than 600 acres is the final resting place for over 400,000 American soldiers who have served their country – a place where 25 burials take place every day.

President John F. Kennedy was laid to rest here in November 1963 and the eternal flame has burned next to his grave ever since.

His brother, Sen. Robert Kennedy, assassinated as he was running for the presidency in 1968 lies nearby.

But yesterday, the next president directed the motorcade to head across the Potomac River to Arlington so he and his family, along with Vice-President-elect Pence and his wife, could pay their respects to perhaps the most sacred place in the cemetery – the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

The marble monument is inscribed with the words, “HERE RESTS IN HONORED GLORY AN AMERICAN SOLDIER KNOWN BUT TO GOD,” to represent the sacrifice of all those who have served.

Yesterday, they were recognized – and honored by their president.




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