Woman Has 24 Pound Tumor Removed In Viral VIDEO – 3%

Woman Has 24 Pound Tumor Removed In Viral VIDEO

Some things cannot be unseen…

This tumor is listed to be 11kg or 24.25 pounds. That thing is larger than a basketball but shaped like a watermelon! Imagine what it was like for this woman to live with that. Thank goodness these doctors were able to help her.

Mirror reports:

Chief surgeon Chen Minliang said: “We have seen neurofibromatosis patients before, but this is the biggest nerve tumor we ever saw.”

The giant tumor greatly affected Yang’s life. He says: “I can only lie down or sit on bed all day long.”

Removal surgery involved 9 doctors and took 16 hours. During the surgery Yang received more than five litres of blood – more than the entire amount an adult’s body holds.

That is incredible and disgusting. Take a look:

Screen Shot 2017-01-24 at 4.08.12 PM

Not for those with a weak stomach, is it. They video is a bit worse.

Watch the insane footage, below:

If you enjoy looking at things like this, there is quite a bit out there with the hashtag #tumor.

Happy searching! I think I am good for now.

Source: Woman’s 11kg Tumor Surgically Removed by Iruk2016 on Rumble

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