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Al Franken Defends ‘Chief Spreading Bull’ Elizabeth Warren

CNN is the place to be for ridiculous clowns who are trying to restore their reputations by opposing Trump. Well, not me, but some other clowns. It’s working out just fine for Andrew Sullivan, and now it’s Al Franken’s turn.

Here’s Senator Smalley talking to Jake Tapper about that rotten ol’ fascist Donald Trump, who’s being mean to Elizabeth Warren just because she fraudulently claimed to have Cherokee heritage to get ahead in her career:

Got that? It’s not racist for Elizabeth Warren to steal the place of an authentic Native American by lying on her law school applications, but it is racist to remind everybody that she did so. The truth is very important, except when it isn’t.

But hey, what is Al supposed to say? He wants Fauxcahontas to pick him as her VP in 2020. And Trump wants her to do that too!

Al Franken stole his Senate seat from Norm Coleman and everyone knows it. Al Franken knows that everyone knows it. So when you hear Al Franken try to behave like he has any moral authority on any subject just realize you’re talking to an immoral thief.

H/T The Daily Caller

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