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AMAZING! Tucker Carlson Watches Piers Morgan Destroy J.K. Rowling [VIDEO]

It upsets me slightly when I have to support and defend Piers Morgan, but when you’re right, you’re right! It’s kind of eerie to see a liberal in the target of his wrath, but this was worth it.

Piers Morgan called J.K. Rowling a “serial loser” after the author attacked him in a Twitter feud over his defending  of President Donald Trump’s travel ban.


“So, let’s go through the check list of glorious failure,” he added. “She backed Ed Miller band in the last U.K. election, he got thumped by David Cameron. She then moved on to back the remain campaign to stay in Europe and obviously we Brexited, so she lost that as well.”

“She then threw her substantial political influence behind Hillary Clinton, shouting down anybody who disagreed with her,” he continued. “And of course Hillary got a drubbing as well from a guy who was a non-politician. So, if you are J.K. Rowling you’re three for three. You are the worst celebrity political pundit on the entire planet. So, look I understand her pain.”

“But she is, I think Tucker, synonymous with this sort of absurdly, arrogant, supercilious kind of view of so many celebrities now on the left. I can not stand this anti-Trump hysteria which is now infesting every part of the political debate. Donald Trump’s been president for less than one month. Let’s all just take a, as I said on [Bill] Maher a gigantic chill pill and let’s just see how he plays out.”


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