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Bernie Sanders Got Destroyed By Ted Cruz In Obamacare Debate [VIDEO]

Ted Cruz won every question of the debate.  It was so apparent that I don’t see liberals touting otherwise other than the extra-chromosome ones. And CNN was up to their old tricks again by emailing people in the audience the question they wanted them to ask, but posed it to the viewing audience as if they were organically thought up by the audience member.

The old curmudgeon senator from Vermont kept using old school communist lines like “everyone should have health care as a right” and bashing rich people for doing… well, nothing wrong at all.

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Throughout the debate Sanders kept having to admit the flaws of the very system he was arguing in favor.

If age doesn’t prevent Bernie Sanders from running in 2020 then his performance i this debate should.

(H/T: Conservative Papers)

The future of Obamacare moderated by CNN’s Jake Tapper and DanaBash. Cruz and Sanders — two senators with diametrically opposed views of government’s role in health care — faced off at the primetime event and fielded questions from the audience, consisting of both defenders and critics of the Affordable Care Act.

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