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Boyfriends Response To How He Liked Her Cooking, Lead To Police Stand Off [WATCH]

A police standoff began in Merrimack after a boyfriend told his girlfriend that the spaghetti dinner she made was “OK,” according to police paperwork.

Police responded to Webster Green Condominium Complex for a domestic disturbance Saturday at about 2:35 p.m. Officers met with a resident of the complex who said that his girlfriend, Jodi Ecklund, was in the apartment and damaging property.

The boyfriend told police that Ecklund had made him a spaghetti dinner and asked him how it was. He replied with “OK,” and said Ecklund then went “bipolar” on him.

Officers approached the apartment door and heard Ecklund screaming yelling, telling them to get the (expletive) out of there, court documents read. She then told police that she would kill them if they entered the apartment and would harm herself, confirming there were guns inside.

Ecklund began to barricade herself in the apartment. Officers said they attempted to gain access in, and while doing so Ecklund told them they could come in now that she had the safety off.

The report said she threw out property belonging to the boyfriend into the parking lot during the incident, police said. A speaker was also thrown out, damaging a window to a different residence.

Ecklund faces two counts of criminal mischief, two counts of criminal threatening and two counts of reckless conduct – all felonies. She also faces three misdemeanor counts of domestic violence.

She pleaded not guilty to the misdemeanor charges.

She was placed on $25,000 cash bail, which could be converted to personal recognizance if accepted into the Hampstead Hospital for inpatient mental health and substance abuse treatment or a similar program that consists of a minimum of 28-days. The bail would revert back to cash once Ecklund was discharged or completed the program.

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