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Chelsea Clinton Gets BULLDOZED After Snooty Insults Against Trump

There are signs that the Clinton dynasty has crumbled, and that is great news to celebrate.  Word on the street is that Chelsea Clinton is being groomed to run for congress, and so she has tried to make herself more visible via social media.  But recently Chelsea learned that social media can also expose a vulnerable person to blowback that can sting.

H/T Independent Journal Review

Chelsea Clinton has been quite vocal on social media of late — more so than she was during the election.

And she has used her voice, on a pretty regular basis, to criticize the man who bested her mother — President Donald Trump — and members of his staff.

Her most recent critique came on the heels of a comment from The Washington Post’s Philip Rucker, who questioned how easily Mar-a-Lago guests could access foreign dignitaries and Trump administration officials:

As reported in BizPac Review, Clinton took it a step further — wondering how many foreign intelligence officers and members of the press might shell out for Mar-a-Lago membership in order to get just that kind of access:

But no sooner did Clinton speak up than Twitter came back with a quick and dirty history lesson, pointing out the “pay-for-play” allegations that had dogged her own parents and their foundation since before the 2016 election cycle even began:

And her father’s…indiscretions:

But one person summed up the general tone in just seven words: “Chelsea, people who live in glass houses…”


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