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Chelsea Handler Takes Stab At Melania, Gets Huge Dose Of Embarrassment [WATCH]

As Donald Trump navigates his way through his first week as president of the United States, his family is quickly learning that there is no cover from the slings and arrows of those who disagree. Unfortunately, many who are casting aspersions on the president and his family are being rather mean spirited about the whole thing.

We just found a brief video clip by comedienne Chelsea Handler that strikes at the First Lady, and it is not as funny as you would imagine, coming from a professional comedienne. Her statement has fired up the twittersphere and put her directly in the line of fire. Many are calling her out for imposing double standards, hypocrisy, and mean spiritedness. You are not going to believe what she said until you watch the video.

In an interview this week, comedienne and author Chelsea Handler made the comment that she would not interview First Lady Melania Trump because “she can barely speak English.”

This ill-advised remark has landed the popular celebrity in hot water and has caused a poop storm on social media, where people have been calling her out for her nasty remark.

In Trump’s defense, the First Lady is known to speak five languages, including English and her native Slovenian.

Tucker Carlson brought actress Kristy Swanson of “Buffy The Vampire Slayer” fame on to his show to comment on Handler’s statement. Swanson’s remarks have garnered much support on social media, with people saying things like:

“Kristy, you are a classy lady for speaking out!”- Thomas Yates

“Go Buffy… shall henceforth be known as “Buffy the Libtard Slayer!”- JM 386

“Now this is an intelligent, kind , smart woman. People like chestless Handler want to keep other people down and keep themselves propped up.”- Shredder

“She’s so level headed and full of common sensed … oh yeah, she’s still beautiful with a Great Heart.”- KingLou480971
“I knew I always liked this gal.”- Diane Alford

“Buffy the Vampire Liberal Slayer!”- Daniel Forget

“Melania speaks five languages, handlebars I’m sure cannot.”- Ray Randall

“ I could care less if Hollywood ever made another movie. They get rich and think they know everything. Bunch of liberal, socialist losers!”- Doris McGee

“HOLLYWOOD and FAKE MEDIA has to be boycotted by us Republicans! This means movies, music, the arts and new stations. It will be the SILENT PROTEST of the REPUBLICAN PARTY! Get the Democrats were it will hurt them, in their wallets!”- Bruce Wallace

“Drain the Hollywood elite swamp! Hollywood and Fake media are boycotted by us! No more their movies, music etc., etc what a dirty and discusting society is Hollywood!”- Maria Papovan

“this morning on the news I saw a person, some sort of a comedian, who by the way I have no idea who she is, saying that she would never have our first lady on her show. Her show? What show is that and who the hell is watching such a show? I am sure that Melania Trump would have nothing to talk about with such a woman. Aren’t her feminist believes against discrimination against women?”- Dana Klein

“We need more people like Kristy to speak out. Thank you for putting the country first.”- Phuon H Quon

“Hollywood leftists are jealous of Melania’s beauty and brains!”- Marilyn Moore

“Kristy is a class act !!!Enjoyed everything she said to Tucker !”- William Sherman

So what do you think of Chelsea Handler’s remarks? How did you like Swanson’s retort? Share your opinions with us here.

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