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Clock-Boy Got His Clock Cleaned In Court

Who didn’t know this was a sham from the very beginning?  President Barack Obama, that’s who.

Remember this:

Well, Clock-Boy and Clock-Dad find out that Karma is a bitch.

(H/T: US Herald)

It is almost easy to pity Ahmed Muhammed, the teenager who shot to brief fame after he took a homemade device to class at MacArthur High School in Irving, Texas in 2015.

Two years ago, he was the darling of liberal progressives from Zuckerberg to the president.

Today, his family is responsible for hundreds of thousands of legal fees as Texas judges dismissed defamation suits his father filed as part of a publicity stunt that used the boy as a mere prop.

Despite being told by a teacher to keep it in his backpack so as to avoid creating fears that it was a bomb and alarming other students, the then-14-year-old freshman displayed the wired device – which he claimed was a clock – during his next class.

The teacher confiscated the “clock,” and the teen found himself not only in the principal’s office, but questioned by the Irving Police, who considered, but eventually decided against pursuing charges for making a hoax bomb.

Almost immediately, Ahmed was simultaneously hailed as a brilliant inventor – President Obama invited him to bring the clock to the White House where he spoke with the crew on the International Space Shuttle, met with Mark Zuckerberg, and feted at the United Nations with New York Mayor Bill de Blasio.

Attorney General Loretta Lynch launched a Department of Justice investigation into the incident.

And just as instantly, the lawsuits started – all filed by his father, Muhammed Muhammed, an attention-seeking activist with ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, experienced in Islamic “lawfare,” a jihad weapon used in non-Muslim countries to use the legal system to intimidate “infidels” by forcing them to incur huge legal fees in defending against bogus allegations of racism and Islamaphobia.

Muhammed sued the school, the city, the mayor and the Irving School District – but not before offering to settle for $15 million.

He sued Glenn Beck and his network for defamation, Jim Hanson, a former member of the U.S. Army Special Forces and counter-terrorism expert, and conservative commenter Ben Shapiro of The Daily Wire also for alleged defamation on behalf of his minor son.

Unfortunately for Ahmed’s father, the cases have not only been dismissed, but judges awarded the defendants nearly $100,000 in attorney fees and prohibited the litigious father from filing additional suits against the defendants in the future.

Ben Shapiro had appeared on Fox News and gave his opinion that it was “clear” that “this was a hoax, this was a setup and that President Obama fell for it because it confirms a couple of his pre-stated biases against police and against people who he perceives to be Islamaphobic.”

The boy, who is now 16, seems to have become just another victim of his publicity-seeking anti-American father who used him to further his agenda to portray his teachers, classmates, principal as well as school district and city officials as bigoted, racist Islamaphobes when, in fact, they merely responded to his hoax as his father intended – as rational, reasonable people in a world made more sensitive to bomb threats by the acts of… Muslim terrorists.

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