Conservative Actor Scott Baio Tells Nordstrom Where They Can Go – 3%
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Conservative Actor Scott Baio Tells Nordstrom Where They Can Go

We now know that overall, Ivanka Trump’s product line sales were up 21% for 2016 when Nordstrom decided to drop her brand.  Had this been any other president’s daughter you know they would never have done  something like that to embarrass the First Family.  They would suck it up and let the brand continue.

What no one is talking about is Ivanka’s brand as of 2017, especially after her father’s inauguration, has been the target of social justice warriors who have taken to web sites like Amazon to write nasty reviews, to harass and threaten companies that carry her product line.  There is a massive effort underway by an online site that lists every retailer that carries her product line, their customer service telephone number and the corporate office number, the web site address, etc.  Make no mistake this was either Nordstrom going political or Nordstrom fearing retaliation from the Alt-Left.

“Dear @Nordstrom NEVER AGAIN!,” Baio tweeted Saturday, along with what was presumably a picture of the Nordstrom credit card statement belonging to him and his wife, Renee Baio, showing that they spent more than $30,000 at the department store just in one year.

Baio is best known for playing “Chachi Arcola” on the 1970s sitcom “Happy Days” and “Charles” on the 1980s sitcom “Charles in Charge.”

Baio frequently appears on Fox News Channel as a political commentator.


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