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Customer Bought Eggs From Aldi, Crawling With Worms [WATCH]

(Scroll down for video) A customer who bought food at Aldi in Australia, is outraged after finding worms crawling in a box of Lodge Farms free range eggs.

Eliza Lhuillier of Victoria, who found her eggs infested with live worms, took a video of them and uploaded it to the Internet.

Workers checked other boxes of eggs at the store and none of them were infested with worms. Several days ago, another customer who bought meat at Aldi, uploaded a video, showing live maggots in the beef.

An expert who watched the video, claimed that the maggots hatched at the home after the meat was cooked. Aldi inspected the meat at the store and they did not find any contaminated beef.

In another incident, a woman who bought fried chicken from Aldi, found worms crawling in her food after she ate some. Aldi called this an isolated incident as well, saying that other fried chicken were not contaminated.


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