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Days After Snapping These Photos, Authorities Let This Family Know How They Almost Died [WATCH]

One of the best parts about strolling the beach, is the many treasures that you have the potential of coming across. Unique rocks, shiny sea glass, old driftwood, and buoys that can be used as decor. “Beach chic” decor is all the rage these days. And lets not forget about those lucky souls who have found bottles filled with encrypted messages. Oftentimes, folks will stroll the beaches in hopes of finding some inspiration for their artwork. Items that wash up on shore make for great conversation starters when they are placed as table centerpieces. Some artists are even known to make faces out of the miscellaneous objects they find on any given day. It could be anything from using the bottom of a bottle for an eyeball, or a piece of rope for a mouth. The world is your oyster when it comes to beach finds. No pun intended.

When Kelly Gravell and her family were spending quality time on the beach at Burry Port, in Wales one day, they were immersed in hunting for unique beach gems. And then they came across what they thought was a major score as far as beach treasures were concerned. Kelly’s young son and daughter had stumbled across what appeared to be a massive buoy enveloped in shells. They were instantly intrigued.

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They didn’t think much about it, but continued to play in close proximity and took pictures of the massive object.

And then, they learned the most alarming news. The massive and mysterious object that they had thought was an oversized buoy was actually a sea mine from World War II. A few days following their discovery, the family was alerted to the news when the Pembrook County Park officials announced that the sea mine had been identified on the beach.


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