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Deputy Caught on Dashcam As He Pulls Over Teen Couple, Then Hands HER A Special Note [WATCH]

First seen on Littlethings: We have seen some awesome and unique proposals here at LittleThings. This pilot actually tricked his girlfriend into thinking their plane’s engine was failing so she could read his proposal off the emergency procedures card! To a less extreme extent, this man took his girlfriend on a scavenger hunt in Disney World under the guise that it was a content from the company. Then, there was a man who disguised himself as the referee to his girlfriend’s hockey game to propose. Those were all fun to watch, but have you ever heard of a “promposal?” Well, that is what you’re about to see in the video below: a surprise prom proposal!

In Bibb County, Georgia, teens Kyle and Morgan were driving down the road when, suddenly, they were pulled over.

Deputy Alex Fletcher asked them both to exit the vehicle, and both Kyle and Morgan were separated, with the deputy off talking to Kyle while Morgan waited near their car.

When the deputy returned, Morgan saw the familiar pink piece of paper.

A ticket was forthcoming.

When Fletcher handed her the note, though, she noticed it wasn’t a ticket at all.

Instead of detailing the reasons behind them getting pulled over, the note had three simple words on it:

“Prom with me?”

According to the Bibb County Sheriff’s Office, Deputy Fletcher is actually friends with Kyle, and helped him make this “promposal” as memorable as they could.

And yes, Morgan accepted!

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