Dinesh D’Souza Explains The REAL Difference Between Refugees And Immigrants [VIDEO]
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Dinesh D’Souza Explains The REAL Difference Between Refugees And Immigrants [VIDEO]

While compassion for refugees attempting to escape hellish conditions is a virtue, compassion for one’s fellow citizens is also essential, which is why President Donald Trump has been trying to impose a moratorium on immigration from certain terror-prone nations.

This was the point that conservative commentator Dinesh D’Souza attempted to bring home while speaking Sunday on Fox News about the difference between immigrants and refugees.

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“America is a nation of immigrants. We’re not a nation of refugees,” he said. “An immigrant is somebody who has made a decision of the will to choose America. Immigrants want to come to this country because they believe in America.”

A refugee, on the other hand, “is someone who just wants to get away from some problem, a civil war, a famine,” etc. In other words, an “immigrant wants to come here,” whereas a “refugee simply wants to get out of there.”

Why is this relevant to the discussion regarding Trump’s moratorium? Because once enthusiastic immigrants arrive in America, they typically go to painstaking lengths to assimilate into mainstream culture. Refugees — particularly those of the Muslim faith — usually do not. Even liberal cynic Bill Maher has admitted as much.

“(T)he idea that when Syrian refugees come to European countries, or to America, that they are going to completely fit in, is a fantasy,” he said last month, as reported by Breitbart.

And this brings us to D’Souza’s core point: “The primary duty of any government is to protect the security of its own citizens. If we go back to the theory of the American founding, that’s why we have a government at all, to protect us primarily from foreign and domestic thugs.”

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