ISIS Kidnaps And Brainwashes Children For Suicide Missions [RAW VIDEO]

ISIS released a video this week of two Yazidi boys who say they are ready to become suicide bombers for ISIS. The two boys were taken by the terrorist organization back in 2014.

The boys are pictured sitting in vehicles and can barely see over the dash. The video ends with two suicide explosions.

Foreign Desk News reported:

The Islamic State is using kidnapped Yazidi children to carry out suicide missions as the U.S.-led coalition forces continue their assault on the terror group’s remaining strongholds in Syria and Iraq.

In a video posted Tuesday, two young Yazidi boys seemingly brainwashed by the Islamic terror group talk about their departure from their Yazidi identity and their desire to carry out a suicide attack for the Islamic State.

The boys’ families, who confirmed their identities to The Foreign Desk, said they have had no information regarding their whereabouts, and this video is the first they have seen or heard from the boys since their abduction in 2014.

Source: The Gateway Pundit

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