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Janitor Makes $271,000 a Year Sleeping in a Closet!

Last November, a nonprofit called Transparent California reported that a BART janitor named Liang Zhao Zhang made $271,000 in a single year — over $162,000 of that in the form of overtime.

Now, a KTVU investigation into Zhang’s hours and pay revealed that he disappears into a storage closet at the Powell St. station, sometimes for hours a day.

There’s probably a perfectly innocent explanation for this:

Last year, BART spokesperson Alicia Trost told SFGATE that Zhang was paid every single day in 2015 and provided a breakdown of his pay and benefits for the year:

For regular hours he did:

1420.73 regular hours

24 hours of protected sick leave

192 of vacation hours

48 hours of holiday pay

3.27 of administrative leave

For overtime he did:

63 hours of “holiday work”

1821.53 hours of time and a half (1.5 for regular day off 1).

601 hours of double time (2 for regular day off 2)

Transparent California found that Zhang worked 17 hours a day for 18 days in a row in July 2015, a feat that a writer from the nonprofit called “super human.”

Unions: taking care of the little guy, so the little guy can take care of them.

A 30 minute lunch break comes to 90 minutes in a closet and no one thinks the guy is catching some Z’s?   Also, has anyone done the math yet?  If the guy made $271,000 for the year and $162,000 was overtime, then that means a janitor is paid $109,000 a year.  Where else but California could this be a reality?

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