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Jared Fogle Has Just Received Serious Jailhouse Justice [VIDEO]

After his fellow inmates discovered the atrocious crimes ex-Subway spokesman Jared Fogle was convicted of, they administered what can only be coined a brutal case of prison justice. And the guards were all too happy to look the other way.

Last week, inmate Steve Nigg violently assaulted Jared Fogle at the Colorado Englewood FCI in Littleton. The fellow inmate, Nigg, is in the middle of a 15-year gun conviction and has a history of violence. At the beginning of February 2017, he turned his violent side to Fogle leaving him in a bloody clump. Nigg walked away from the assault without a scratch on him, but will have to do a customary stint in solitary confinement for his attack on Fogle. But his fellow inmates now have more respect for Nigg for beating up the convicted child molester.

Apparently after the assault, Nigg told his brother that he was assaulting the child molester for the victim’s families. The source claimed that Nigg told his brother: “I’m doing it for the families. I couldn’t help it.”

Steve Nigg is a 60-year-old man scheduled to be released in 2024. Based on the terrible crimes he has committed, the earliest day Fogle will get out of prison will be 2029.

After taking a plea deal which included 16 years in prison, the disgraced ex-Subway spokesman and fat man admitted he was involved in a lewd children images ring and engaged in sexual activity with minors.

“He walks the yard and he’s rubbing shoulders with people he shouldn’t be,” Nigg’s nephew, Jimmy Nigg Jr., told the Daily News. “My uncle feels like he should never be allowed to do this.”

Fogle has money and uses it to pay other inmates for protection. But when Nigg stepped up it didn’t make a lick of difference.

“Jared’s lucky he’s still alive. My uncle was in a position to kill him. No one was there,” Jimmy Jr. said after speaking to his uncle and reading the incident report. “He got him down, then walked away. He’s not a violent guy, he doesn’t have a violent history. He’s sending a message is what he’s doing. A guy walks in with all this money and celebrity and instead of flying under the radar, he’s going into the yard, walking around with big guys, saying no one can mess with me, flashing his money around and that’s what (my uncle) is pissed off about.”


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