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Joyless Behar Calls Trump a Dictator

Joy Behar is a vile harpy who says some of the nastiest things on TV about people she dislikes, and if there’s any blow back from viewers she hides behind the nonsense that she is a comedian.  If she tood sideways in a wind storm you would hear a whistle.

So, for Joy Behar it’s okay to be the biggest as#hole on the planet so long as you were kidding because you’re a comedian.  That, by itself, is a mental illness.

On Monday, Whoopi Goldberg, Joy Behar and the rest of the hosts shared a snippet of “SNL” mocking Trump’s calls with foreign leaders and press secretary Sean Spicer, played by Melissa McCarthy, going crazy on the press.


“That’s hilarious,” Behar remarked.

“You know laughter always helps, but the question is are these laughs America needs right now,” Goldberg asked. “Does it take away from what we should be talking about? No, we need to laugh and this is funny.”

“Well I think that the comedy is subversive and there’s nothing that a dictator hates more than being made fun of,” Behar responded. “If you ever saw the movie or play, ‘The Producers,’ Mel Brooks totally makes fun of Hitler and I am sure if Hitler were around, God forbid, he would hate it because he just makes him look like the jerk…besides the murdering, murder that he was, a jerk.”

“I think that this must get under everybody’s skin when they make fun of them,” she added.

“Well we know it does, because he [Trump] tweets out about it,” Sunny Hostin said. “I mean he watches this.”

In the weeks since the election, Behar has attacked the president for bringing “mental illness” into the White House and another time called for Trump to step down.

“Do you know how much damage he can do in four years?” Behar exclaimed. “Do you have any idea? Trump has no experience, [Steve] Bannon has no experience in politics.”

“Yeah, but this new administration is bringing in something in we haven’t seen in a long time,” Goldberg said.

“Mental illness,” Behar interjected. “Sorry, I couldn’t control myself.”

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