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Many Liberals Claim Jerry Rice’s New Commercial Is Racist And DEMAND It Be Removed [VIDEO]

.When Jerry Rice came out as an “All Lives Matter” guy on Twitter last year, he broke the hearts of black people across America. Since he criticized Colin Kaepernick’s protest of the National Anthem, Rice drew hatred from black people across the country.

But now the legendary 49er has come under fire again. While he changed his stance on Kaepernick and later stated that he was at least “bringing awareness for injustice”, Rice is now hated all over again – but because of his love for fried chicken.

Now that the Hall of Famer has accepted a commercial spot with the popular fast food restaurant Popeyes called “Popeyes Wingovations with Jerry Rice,” the black community is outraged. Scroll down to see the ad and to read what people are writing about the Jerry Rice’s fall from grace…

The ad, which is totally ridiculous, shows Jerry Rice testing the “Taste Mask.” The ugly football helmet includes a spot to put a fried chicken drumstick, so Rice can eat while he plays football. His specialty helmet has a spinning fried chicken attachment for “360 degrees of pure wing rotation for handsfree wing eating.”

Although loving fried chicken is something most Americans have in common, the image of a black man grinning with a spinning chicken drum stick stuffed in his face has been taken as an insult by the black community.

People are saying Jerry Rice’s commercial is playing too much into the “black people love fried chicken” stereotype that was first introduced in the Ku Klux Klan’s founding 1915 silent film, “A Birth of a Nation”.

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