New Poll Shows Democrats Becoming Exactly What They Hated For The Last Eight Years

Registered Democratic voters want their party to stop President Donald Trump’s agenda at all costs, according to a Morning Consult poll released Wednesday.

Fifty-six percent of registered Democratic voters want their elected members of Congress to “stick to their principles” in combating Republicans, “even if that means blocking all legislation or nominees for government posts.” Only 34 percent of Democrats want elected officials to work with Republicans in getting key legislation passed through either chamber of Congress.

“There was talk after the election that Trump might be a president who Democrats could work with, at least on certain issues like infrastructure. But this new data indicates that, even if deals are possible, that’s not primarily what Democratic voters are looking for,” said Morning Consult chief research officer and co-founder Kyle Dropp.

The same poll also revealed that 58 percent of respondents wanted their elected representatives to consider Trump’s appointee to the Supreme Court, Neil Gorsuch, based on his qualifications — not on ideology.

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