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Patriots Super Bowl Win Kicks Off Anti White Racial Hated

It seems as if liberals on Twitter look for any reason to act like boorish animals.

To turn a Super Bowl win into something racial shows how deeply sick the Left has become. This hatred that’s spewed on a daily basis now grew steadily over the last eight years. It’s almost as if we have been fundamentally transformed.

It would seem the Left has done such a thorough job of fomenting divisive racial identity politics that a football team with a white head coach and a white quarterback can’t win a game without eliciting rage on social media. Behold the vitriol:

“Only white people can win in Trump’s America,” tweeted user Saabreen Ahmed.

“I hate seeing white people happy bruh, I’m so annoyed,” tweeted another user.

“White people stay winning smh,” echoed yet another.

 “White people been showing y’all that they’re in control very aggressively lately. Donald Trump winning. The Patriots winning smh,” echoed another.
 “In the year of Trump, the white people stay winning. Oh well, there’s always next year,” tweeted one user who goes by the name “Hurricane Matthew.”


“Why like why @AtlantaFalcons I’m tired of white people winning,” tweeted another.

These racist outbursts are nonsensical when one considers the fact that the Atlanta Falcons also have a white quarterback and a white head coach.

This racially-charged anger becomes even more inexplicable with just a cursory glance at the Patriots’ roster. Of the 68 total players on the Patriots — including the active roster, reserves, injured players, and the practice squad — 46 are black. That’s roughly 67.6 percent — over two thirds of the team.

But not only is the Patriots’ victory apparently the latest in a long line of “white” victories to many social media users, it is also apparently proof positive of a white supremacist conspiracy to many others.

“Don’t get me wrong, y’all know I’m a steelers fan through and through but this hurts, white supremacy just can’t keep winning,” tweeted one user who goes by the quaint moniker “Top Gang Thug.”

“I’m so tired of white people winning f*** them, f*** tom Brady, f*** bill belichick and f*** trump,” tweeted a Mr. Jayrome Williams.

“Racist white people are literally winning in 2017 #SuperBowl,” claimed one user.

“Patriots take it in over time, evil white people continue their winning streak,” said another.

Apparently Tom Brady and Bill Belichick are evil racists because they’ve frequently played golf with President Donald Trump. But it wasn’t just angry racialists who reacted with vitriol to the Patriots’ win — a number of self-loathing white people also apparently believe that the Patriots’ win was an act of racial aggression.

“More white people winning #SB51 f*** this super bowl wow. Tom Brady needs to go away,” tweeted one Nora Poodle.

“This game is like 2016, long, hard, and the good guys were winning until white people f***ed it up,” said HBO writer Haley Harris.

The shocking, racist backlash to the Patriots win reveals the extent to which racial identity politics have truly poisoned American society, and is a damning testament to former President Obama’s divisive racial legacy.


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