Sean Spicer Had Two SURPRISING Words about Melissa McCarthy’s SNL Spoof [VIDEO]

Actress Melissa McCarthy’s send-up of Trump White House spokesman Sean Spicer on “Saturday Night Live” would have been all the talk on Sunday had there not been some ‘random’ football game played that sucked up all the attention.

McCarthy’s parody of Spicer showed his penchant for chewing gum—two packs a day—and it also gave light to the very serious nature of his duties as the White House Press Secretary.

Spicer told “Fox and Friends” that he found out about the “SNL” treatment while walking out of church on Sunday morning. He says he was inundated with texts.

“I clicked on the link to see what they were talking about.”

“Fox and Friends” asked Spicer what he thought of the skit. With a smile on his face, he had a somewhat surprising reaction:

“It was cute and it was funny. I’d rather be talking about the issues that the president is so committed to helping Americans on, but, you know, it’s part of American culture.”

Spicer was less kind about his reaction to Alec Baldwin’s impersonation of his boss.

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