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United Airlines Female Pilot Went Muy Loco, Removed From Flight

A United Airlines pilot was removed from a plane before a flight from Austin to San Francisco Saturday evening after going on a rant over the intercom system.

The pilot, who showed up late to her flight wearing “street clothes,” spoke to passengers “over the intercom about her divorce and the presidential election,” the Daily Mail reported.

“Sorry I’m late, the reason I’m late is I’m going through a divorce,” she said.

Some of the pilot’s comments made passengers feel uncomfortable, “causing them to question her ability to fly the plane.”

Passenger Randy Reiss said the pilot seemed friendly at first, “but things took an awkward turn when she pointed out an interracial couple sitting in first class.”

“It quickly turned from playful to scary,” Reiss told BuzzFeed News.

Divorce is an ugly creature, enough to drive anyone over the edge. This pilot needs a couple nights out with friends, one of them being Tequila. Maybe divorce counseling could help as well. I don’t believe this pilot is a political nut, maybe her soon to be ex husband was and she got sick of it. People say the damnedest things when they’re depressed.

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