Woman Chained In Storage Unit Of Serial Killer Describes Her HORRIFYING Ordeal [VIDEO]

Woman Chained In Storage Unit Of Serial Killer Describes Her HORRIFYING Ordeal [VIDEO]

A kidnapping survivor and alleged victim of suspected serial killer Todd Kohlhepp broke silence on her time in captivity in an interview with Dr. Phil McGraw.

The two-part segment titled “The Girl in the Box” airs on Dr. Phil on Monday and Tuesday. Excerpts from the interviews were released on the show’s website.

On Aug. 31, she said that all changed.

Brown said she went to pick up the keys to the property from Kohlhepp, who lived in Moore, but he was going to go with her this time because he needed to unlock the fence on his private Woodruff property.

In the interview, Brown said Carver had to work on the first date Kohlhepp suggested so she was going to bring another friend to help her, but Kohlhepp insisted it be Charlie. The pair had been in a serious relationship for four to five months and were planning to get married, according to Brown.

“Todd made sure he’d be there that time.” she said.

Brown said she didn’t notice any red flags as they traveled to the nearly-100-acre Wofford Road property, but in hindsight, she believes it to be odd he locked the gate behind them.

“I didn’t know why,” she said. “It didn’t seem like a big deal, he told me it was a farm. But now, thinking back, I mean, why did he lock the gate back?”

Brown and Carver reportedly followed Kohlhepp more than half a mile inside the fence to an area where she saw a two-story garage, a gardening shed and a metal storage container.

Brown described receiving hedge clippers and bottled water from Kohlhepp, who reportedly told them he needed help cutting back underbrush on trails on his land. Brown said after receiving the items, she and Carver stood outside the garage holding hands while Kohlhepp went inside to grab something.
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