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Woman Dies During Cosmetic Procedure, Cops Quickly Launch Homicide Investigation

Police arrived at Vanity Cosmetic Surgery in Miami-Dade County Florida on Wednesday after a wife and mother-of-two died on the operating table during a simple cosmetic procedure.

While undergoing a “tummy tuck” also known as an abdominoplasty procedure, 32-year-old Maria Christian’s heart stopped. The surgeons labeled it a “medical episode” and proclaimed innocence.

The young mother and beloved wife is survived by her husband and two kids, aged 12 and two.

Reports sought out Christian’s family for an interview. But her husband and children were suffering so much from the young mother’s untimely death, they were unable to speak to the reporters. To help them out, Christian’s grieving sister, Carolina Flor spoke to Local 10.

“She was amazing,” Flor told Local 10 News.

Flor accused the cosmetic surgery center of wrongdoing.

“It’s just sad that […] kids get left without a mother because they don’t do their job the way it’s supposed to be done,” said Carolina Flor, Christian’s sister. “They just don’t care. They just bring people in and out, in and out.”

As Flor claims, Christian was a young, healthy woman. Her heart would have only stopped if the surgeons did something wrong.

“She was like, you know, like, young, healthy, worked out, so, like, to me, I don’t understand how her heart could have stopped,” Flor said.

After the surgeons realized their patient’s heart had stopped, they had her rushed to the hospital. But she was dead before any professionals at the Kendall Regional Medical Center could revive her.

 Because this case is clearly confusing and the pieces are not lining up, Miami-Dade police have sent in their best homicide detectives and are investigating the beloved mother and wife’s untimely death.
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