Chilling 911 Call Released: Man Shoots Daughters Before Killing Himself Then Tells Wife To “Live And Suffer”

A chilling 911 call has been released by police in suburban Chicago during which a man informed a dispatcher that he had just murdered his twin daughters, wounded his wife, and was about to shoot himself.

According to police, Anjum and Randall Coffland were married but living separately in St. Charles. Their daughters resided in an apartment with their father.

Authorities released the tragic 911 audio during a Sunday press conference. Randall Coffland said during the call, “I just shot and killed my two kids and I shot my wife … and I’m going to kill myself now.”


Coffland then stated his address and said, “I’m going to kill myself now, too. My two girls are dead, and I’m killing myself.”

The dispatcher attempted to engage Coffland again, yet received no response until he is heard shouting in the background, presumably at his wife, “I want you to live and suffer like I did.”

Police received a call moments later from Anjum Coffland, begging them for assistance.

“Oh, my god, my husband shot my kids!” she cried. “My daughters are dead!”

Randall Coffland was employed at a mid-sized Chicago law firm, according to his LinkedIn page. Anjum Coffland works as an insurance claims adjuster with MetLife.

Police characterized the incident as “domestic related.” On Feb. 9, they responded to a report of “domestic trouble” involving the couple at a different residence, but officials claim that “nothing physical happened” and no arrests were made.


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