DISGUSTING Women’s Day Protestors CROSS THE LINE! Act Out ‘Abortion’ On Virgin Mary [PHOTO]

DISGUSTING Women’s Day Protestors CROSS THE LINE! Act Out ‘Abortion’ On Virgin Mary [PHOTO]

As part of International Women’s Day (March 8), feminist protestors simulated a bloody abortion on a woman dressed as the Virgin Mary, the mother of Jesus Christ, outside the cathedral in Tucuman, Argentina.

The protestors, according to Life Site News, which reported the incident in the English language press, cheered the fake abortion as symbolically killing “patriarchy” and “forced heterosexuality.”

According to Life Site News, protesters cheered the fake abortion which was a symbolic (their definition) gesture in killing “patriarchy” and “forced heterosexuality.”

Rev. Frank Pavone, who heads Priests for Life, told Life Site News, “This act also shows what is at the foundation of the hard-core pro-abortion people: They hate the church, and they literally want to abort Jesus off the face of the earth in every manifestation of his presence today.”

The disturbing scene of a young woman pretending to be the “Virgin Mary dressed in white with a blue veil and a crown of flowers in her hair, around her neck a set of rosary beads.

The young woman laughing is sitting in a chair with her legs spread wide, as two other women playing “abortionists’ and of course wearing their “pink pussy hats” perform the mocked abortion, removing and dismembering a fake baby doll from the vagina, suddenly blood gushes out along with a mass of gooey globs of fake placenta.

This is plain evil. This has nothing to do with women’s rights. It has everything to do with hate plain and simple!

Source: US Herald

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