GRAPHIC: Muslim Feeds Helpless Cat To Starving Dogs As People Watch In Horror

A video purportedly showing a man feeding a cat to his dogs in the UAE is causing outrage on social media. The video shows the cat being mauled to death by two aggressive dogs, apparently as a punishment by the owner.

The video, which was first posted by Al-Bayan newspaper, shows the cat locked in a cage in retribution for eating a dove from the owner’s ranch. The starving pet was said to have been abandoned in a remote area for days.

The man is heard laughing in the background and cheering his dogs loudly to “eat the cat”.

Dr. Manal al-Mansouri, a member of the UAE Animal Welfare Committee, denounced the act and called it a “heinous crime which does not mirror the affable and sober Emirati society”.

Mansouri said, according to a source, that dogs have being trained to aggressively attack and were starved intentionally to maul the cat to death.

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