Kendall Jenner Robbed During House Party, They Took More Than Most Peoples Yearly Salary


The Victoria’s Secret model left her house around noon on Wednesday and didn’t return until about 8 p.m., TMZ reports. Several hours later when Jenner was getting ready for bed around 1 a.m. she noticed several pieces of jewelry missing. She then called the authorities after hearing a noise in her house, believing that the burglar was still there.

Roughly around $200,000 worth of jewelry was reportedly robbed in Kendall Jenner on Wednesday during a house party at her home in Hollywood Hills.



The police promptly responded and searched the premises for intruders, but nobody was found, according to TMZ. Authorities found no sign of forced entry and after learning that Jenner had people over to her home that evening, they believe the jewelry was stolen by one of her house guests.

In August, a stalker followed Jenner through the gate of her driveway onto her property. The man was arrested after the incident and the model later filed a restraining order against him.

The Jenner robbery comes about five months after her sister Kim Kardashian was held at gunpoint and robbed in Paris. Kardashian lost about $10 million worth of jewelry in the October heist. French police arrested 10 people in relation to the Kardashian robbery in January.

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